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Our Services

Our Services

Our Services


Abound works with residential, commercial and non-profit clients.


Our design services are available for projects ranging in scale from large to small – from master planning to planter design. A few examples of our services include (but are not limited to): building siting, sacred space, permaculture, ecological and historic restoration. Projects that require the unique skills and abilities offered by Abound tend to be the best fit.


We install many of our designs and specialize in construction.  Some of the work we do includes (but is not limited to): planting a wide range of plants with a focus on low-maintenance,  native perennials, trees and shrubs.  We build stone patios and walls and water gardens, renovate existing gardens, build roof gardens and create edible landscapes as well as native meadows.


As consultants, we work with clients to create stronger integration with the landscape. This can range from managing a residential construction site to counseling institutions about ecologically sound strategies.  Our focus on integration – coupled with our experience – gets unique, effective results.  Some areas that our consulting services cover are: sustainability planning,  site assessment,  project management,  graywater/septic and permaculture, to name a few.


Owen Wormser is a visionary landscape designer and artist of the natural world, whose gardens at once invite and enable human beings to inhabit nature. Every step in moving through a garden by Abound Design offers an extraordinarily diverse array of vistas to appreciate.  Owen’s work celebrates the interdependent beauty of life in the natural world. Across the seasons, the garden’s consciously constructed beauty paradoxically embodies the spontaneity of multiple forms and stages of life, never the same from one hour or day or month to the next. Inhabiting a garden by Abound Design refreshes my awareness and appreciation of what it means to be alive on the face of the earth.

Naomi Miller

Professor of English and the Study of Women and Gender at Smith College

Owen Wormser performed an extraordinary act of landscape design at the Frost Place in Franconia, New Hampshire. In 1916, poet Robert Frost planted an apple orchard on his mountain farmstead. But, over the course of the twentieth century, the surrounding woods took over and unmade almost all of Frost’s orchard. In 1999, Owen Wormser found the remaining trees, nursed them skillfully to full health, and then opened up the landscape and redesigned the trails and hillside of what is now The Frost Place, planting new trees, so that Frost’s apple orchard is wonderfully flourishing once more.

Owen’s landscape work thus perfectly parallels the artistic significance of The Frost Place: both to honor Frost’s great poems and to be the cause of new flourishing in the poems of others.

Donald Sheehan

Executive Director 1977-2005, The Frost Place

We could not be more thrilled with the new landscaping, patio and fountain designed and installed by Abound Design! Owen Wormser’s design work and installation has created beautiful, inviting, and comfortable space for our customers. Abound Design’s installations have brought new life, interest and color to Cooper’s Corner, a landmark in the center of Florence. In addition to producing a top quality product, Owen communicated with me promptly and directly throughout the process. He was responsive and very easy to work with. Owen will be at top of my list for future landscape design at my businesses or at my home.

Rich Cooper

Cooper’s Corner

In early 2012, our daughter asked if she and her fiancé could be married in our garden that year. We agreed, but we needed to do a lot of work before a garden wedding in June!Our priorities included the following: native plants that encourage birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife, flowers in bloom throughout summer, fall and spring, appropriate plantings for shade, sun and combination areas and theuse of resources such as water as sparingly as possible.

Owen and his crew transformed our entire garden, planting a couple of thousand new plants and moving dozens of existing plants. Our gardens and borders were completed in plenty of time and looked wonderful! Since then, we’ve had him back each year to continue to teach us and to help with modifications and improvements.

We highly recommend Owen and Abound Design for the quality of work, depth of knowledge of landscape gardening and creating native habitats, attention to our needs, and the ability to work well with us as we made multiple complex decisions.

Susan and Rene Theberge

Amherst, Ma

Creating sustainable landscapes and enriching individuals, communities and ecosystems across New England